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Moonula - #healthylifestyle

By creating the Moonula brand I set a goal to promote a healthy lifestyle. It is one of the methods to prevent a variety of diseases and disorders.

The 2010 study by TNS OBOP Institute for Public Opinion Research indicated that a person suffering from allergies can be found in every third home in Poland, of which about 70% are city dwellers and nearly 40% are young people. The air in the world becomes increasingly polluted, there are more and more chemical components in our food, so it is no wonder that allergies have become a serious disease of affluence today.

However, some allergens can be easily avoided. Mites, dust, artificial materials can be easily eliminated using natural hypoallergenic and antistatic fabrics.

It has been known for a long time that hemp fibers have such properties. So, there is no better tool for preventing allergies than hemp bedding that does not contain neither dust nor mites.

The antibacterial and antifungal properties of hemp products are also important for maintaining our immune system. Materials that come into contact with the skin absorb moisture and heat from the body, which unfortunately promotes the development of bacteria and fungi, these in turn are one of the causes of allergies, unpleasant smells and inflammations. This is why it is crucial to choose the right bedding material. Hemp fabric seems to be the ideal solution — it doesn’t absorb odors, prevents fungus and bacteria from developing, and is also absorbs moisture very well and provides great ventilation. This has a significant impact on the hygiene and cleanliness of our beds.

Moonula offers products without additional chemical dyes, in a completely natural color. Hemp bedding has a tendency to crease which is characteristic of natural fabrics, and is also an indication of lack of toxic ingredients in the production process. A lot of bedding available on the market contains harmful substances such as formaldehyde, AZO, aldicarb and parathion. These substances are used as dyeing agents and to prevent creasing. They are very strong allergens that can cause skin allergies and irritate the airways. Therefore, choosing hemp bedding, we focus on prevention in the fight against allergies and act according to the principles of healthy lifestyle.

Healthy sleep is an important element of a healthy lifestyle. When you go to bed, you expect to wake up feeling well-rested, happy and ready for action. Hemp products are safe and healthy from the very beginning stages of production. Hemp fabric brings a lot of health benefits and, consequently, bedding made from it is a natural alternative to products made from cotton and synthetic fabrics, where bacteria can survive for up to several months. Use proven and non-invasive methods to protect yourself from such threats. Prevention is the best kind of treatment, and nature has given us many possibilities to do so. Natural hemp bedding by Moonula will guarantee you’ll have a safe good-night’s sleep thanks to its great qualities.

Moonula - #ecofriendly

Moonula offers 100% ecological products created out of pure love for nature.

I sew them from 100% hemp fabric — 100% organic and 100% biodegradable. I use only natural cotton threads, wooden buttons and packaging made out of completely recycled and biodegradable materials. Hemp fabric and threads are OEKO-TEX certified. The dye I used to print on your products is made from natural ingredients, including linseed oil, and the information sheets attached to the package are printed on 100% recycled paper, EcoLable and FSC certified. I have done my utmost to ensure that every element of the Moonula brand is consistent with my inner need to preserve nature.

I only use are proven suppliers — Polish manufacturers who understand the concept of ecology and implement procedures to minimize the environmental impact of production. I have decided to work with domestic companies because of the quality they offer, and because of the desire to minimize transport distances and thus reduce the carbon footprint.

Hemp fibers are one of the strongest and most durable materials in the world. Hemp fabric is much stronger than the commonly used cotton, it is much more resistant to wear and tear, and as a result, products made from it will survive a quite a few years and in a very good condition at that.

Moonula - #slowfashion

Although slow fashion refers directly to the fashion industry, its philosophy is applied to the Moonula brand as well. Slow fashion is about limiting consumerism and a more sensible approach to shopping. It means less frequent purchases, and buying higher quality products made of durable materials. Moonula products offer the highest quality possible, are more durable than other fabrics on the market and much easier on the skin.

“Slow Fashion” also means buying products from small, domestic companies that care about the quality of their goods. My trademark solution of enhancing the aesthetic values and making one of the leading collections of Moonula stand out is the printing using plants. This printing technique consists of direct, manual transfer of the printing form to the printing surface, in this case plants to fabric. Moonula offers sewing custom products to the customer’s specification, which makes each piece different and thus unique and special. Each set of bedding from the collection made using plant printing will stand out and no two pieces will be alike. Doesn’t this approach fit into slow fashion trends? In my opinion it fits in perfectly.